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Your biggest fan wants to help you realize your full potential as an artist. You wake up from an accident, it's cold, and there is a path...

Creepy and Inviting
How to make the player uncomfortable and lure them to a destination.

The lighting, sound, UI, and prop placement were critical in delivering the message that the environment was cold and there was urgency to get moving.

They Were Lost
It seemed pointless, but after some play-tests I saw the value in guiding with clear paths.

It wasn't enough to put the massive moon over the cabin, or to point the wrecked cars lights in the direction the player should go (towards the cabin). This was a great learning experience for level and environment design.

They Were Found
Using contrasting shapes and lighting, players began to find their way.

I thought everything had been tried to give the player direction, trying really hard to show the player and not tell. I really wanted the player to feel like they figured it out on their own... and they did!

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