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Capture the Flag

​2 Aircraft carriers have agreed to settle a dispute by risking the lives of their men and not their expensive ships via a lethal capture the flag.

Keep the Movement
The goal was to create a realistic scenario that maintained the movement and combat of Unreal Tournaments AAA levels.

I started with the players jump height. Then I multiplied that height by 3 to create the main beams that will support the entire structure. Structural integrity helps to give the player a believable experience.

Rule of 4
I wanted to make sure that in any room, in any direction, there was a way in and a way out.

Even though this is a combat game players need a place to recover and regroup. I made it so players could back out of any combat zone to pickup meds, ammo, and refresh to roll right back into the action.

Reward Exploration
I wanted to reward players for taking new routes or with different weapons

Close quarter rooms and floors contain close quarter weapons for that kind of combat. Open rooms were higher up, had more vantage points, could defend the flag with rifles or even snipe from the black radio tower.

Cover or Combat
I wanted to enforce the decisions of a defensive players but still support the objective oriented ones.

Every exposed vantage point or doorway has a cube/crate to fallback behind for cover. Every cube/crate is useful in efforts of defensive and offensive gameplay.

Disclaimer: This is a demonstration of level design. Models, sounds, and blueprint functionality were provided by Unreal Tournament Editor.

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