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Alien Age


Lead Game, Level, and Systems Designer
06/21 - Jan/22
Design and launch a project on Steam

Game Objective:
Provide resources to towns in need before they collapse.

Development Challenges:
The hardest part of Alien Age was trusting other team members to do their part or allow them to learn from their mistakes for the sake of their own growth.


Hexonia and Overcooked were both simple enough games that included progression, easy to learn controls, and a fulfilling experience.

image (7).png

How I started
Initially, I focused on higher level documentation and drafts of ideas to give the teams tasks to start with. I iterated and elaborated on designs as needed.


The Merging  System
I started with a hidden agenda of making a game that my brother who lives with hemiparesis could play. I wanted a casual experience with core controls in one place.

Several ways to make a game
I tried my best to own design from beginning to launch but in the end the goal was to launch a game we were all proud of.


User Experience and Playtesting
We hosted playtests took feedback and responded to frequently occurring issues.


Changed Controls
Casual players, which the game was designed for, prefer left mouse click when the original design considered League of Legends and RTS controls for movement.

Video update features lighting, level, and interface changes and much more!

My Achievements: 

  • Completed Game Design Documentation

  • Exposure to best practices and team communication.

  • Task Tracking, daily meetings, and a launched title!

Additional Media:

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