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NASA Collab


Systems designer for scanner
Create and Polish scanner system as much as possible, for Unreal, then Unity.

Game Objective:
Maintain ISS for NASA using Astrobees abilities.

Development Challenges:
The most challenging aspect of this was relearning Unity, including navigating the engine and the basics of c#. I went beyond the basics into post processing, using shader graph, and shader scripts.


NASA reached out to develop a game that introduced the ISS, space, and STEM concepts to people of all ages.


How I started:
With Unreal, I prototyped my own game from this inspiration. Included physics based space movement, an interaction system for various ISS consoles, and Among Us style missions within the consoles. Ultimately was tasked with focus on Scanner system within Unity.


The Scanner System
We wanted a method for seeing objects that were overheating through walls. The player would know that a machine on the ISS needed fixing. The system was designed for future functionality too, to color code any object given a tag, such as general interactable objects, or objects pertaining to a current mission.

Learning Engine Concept
My intention this time was to get through my Unreal bias and support the teams goals of making a complete demo in Unity. I found that the desire to support the team, and passion for space and science, were stronger than the discomfort with Unity.


Hyper Focusing on a System:
It was relieving that in Unity I would only be tasked with creating one system. The pro to that is I could pace myself and truly grasp how Unity works through each of the scanner systems milestones. The con is that there were many moments where I felt completely lost. Many friends familiar with Unity, and making the Power Project in Unreal, maintained my sanity and resulted in the scanner system that I'm proud of.


User Friendly:
With a key press (or on screen button), a sphere ripples out from Astrobee. In a few seconds, the ripple reverses back to Astrobee until no longer visible. You know then that you can use the scanner again.

My Achievements: 
I pulled through the Unity bias and over delivered on what was expected of a prototype scanner system. When the task seemed impossible I managed to find new routes to solve a problem. I completed the entire Unreal prototype and its mechanics within my own set deadlines, in-time for polish and presentation to the NASA reps.

I specifically made the scanner for the Unity version of the project, and everything for the Unreal prototype. I also provided significant feedback for UI and SFX teams, and general game design decisions.


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